Ashton Ashcraft | Shaker Village

If you follow my work at Talara Jo Weddings you may have seen an adorable engagement session take place at a place not too far away called Shaker Village! It was one of my favorite places I had shot at in quite some time. When I met up one evening with Ashton to talk about all of her ideas for her Seasonal Senior Sessions she knew exactly where she wanted her fall to be.. SHAKER VILLAGE!! I was so excited to hear this news! We explored around buildings and around the beautiful acres of gorgeous farm land. Trying to ignore how chilly the weather was we had some great conversation about Ashton's goals and about what's going on in her life at that moment! THIS, this is why I love doing what I do. Not only am I getting to be apart of such a special time in their life but I am also invested in knowing them and encouraging them to one day meet every goal and every dream! The last year of high school is just the beginning! Ashton, I am so excited to spend all 4 seasons with you! Can't wait for all of the sessions to come!