Macey Mcwilliams | 2017 Senior

This is Macey!

She is a free spirited, lake loving, cheerleading, sweet, and beautiful senior from Ryle Co.

How did I meet her you may ask? Well we would have to kick it back a year or so ago to when I did her beautiful sister's senior pictures. This is when I met Macey. When summer time came around this year and the McWilliams family starts their summer spent at Conley Bottom, I got a text saying it was time for Macey's senior pictures!! I could hardly believe she was already a senior! TIME FLIES!!!

We had the best time exploring (minus a few bug interactions) our little town for all of the photo goals Macey wanted to incorporate into her shoot! Can I just say how much I'm still loving her flower crown!!!! AMAZING!!! Macey, you are funny, smart and so beautiful and I loved getting to work with you! Have an Awesome senior year!