Lauren and Lauren

Recognize these two from anywhere? This is Lauren Murphy and Lauren Maynard! Both of these beautiful girls are my senior clients this year! The cool thing about these two is that they have been best friends since PRESCHOOL!!!! In class, their teachers would call them Lauren 1 and Lauren 2 How sweet is that?! Not only did they meet in preschool and became best friends but they share a few things in common... Same first name, Same middle name, Last names begin with M, same age, went to the same preschool and kindergarten, Both have brothers named Logan and the obvious one... they are both super sweet and very beautiful. Getting to know these girls over the course of the school year has been so much fun and I can see why they have stayed friends for so long! They went to separate schools after kindergarten but have stayed close throughout their busy schedules! Now that high school is almost over they are both headed towards amazing colleges and as of right now BOTH are majoring in Nursing! I hope they stay this close always! Enjoy this sweet session!