Meet Cooper

It all started about a month ago when Chris and I would talk heavily about getting a dog! We had came to a conclusion somewhere along the way that we were going to wait and get one after the wedding! (that resolution didn't last long did it?) One Saturday morning we were eating breakfast together and Chris happened upon the cutest golden retriever there ever was. 2 weeks dragged by as we waited for Cooper to be completely ready to come to our home! Yesterday evening we picked him up from some of the best people at Blessed Hope Kennels. We are so grateful that Cooper was taken care of and was in a loving home. Of course I got out my camera as soon as I woke up this morning and knew all sorts of new ideas I had planned! Surprisingly he did great with all of my poses and crazy ideas! Poor thing didn't know he was going to have a photographer DogMom haha We love him so much already and cant wait to grow and learn along side of him!