Nick and Sammi | Proposal

I think it is safe to say that most girls dream (at least once) about the day some wonderful man gets down on one knee and says those four little words "Will you Marry Me?" Today, Sammi's dream came true! Her new fiancé Nick planned an incredible day! He took her down memory lane of "First's" Ending at a special overlook of the lake. Nick called me about a month ago to start planning ahead for the big day he had planned! I was so thrilled I got to be apart of such a special day for him and Sammi. Nick and I went to high school together and I couldn't be more proud of all he is accomplishing in life! Today, I got to meet Sammi, She is beautiful, smart and so incredibly kind! I can see why all of her little 1st grade students love her dearly!

My day began hiding underneath a porch. Not exactly what you would think of as a typical photographer location... but it was the perfect hiding spot as I waited for Nick to pop the big question! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time watching Nick propose and Sammi's face light up! I can't get enough of her happy dances and excited face (see pictures below) How cute are they?! I am so honored to be apart of an amazing step Nick and Sammi took in their journey as one! Congratulations to you both! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day Lovebirds!