Hayley Gearding | Wayne County 2016 Senior

Sunrise sessions make for some killer photos but its very few who ever get the opportunity to do them. Getting up very early on a Saturday to be picture perfect for your senior picture debut is not ideal to some. However, I personally believe anything is possible with the Lord and a large cup of Baxter's Coffee ha-ha. So, that's exactly what we did, braved the chilly morning, got us a cup of some good hot coffee from Baxter's and started shooting. We began our day shooting on a new location that was a farm close to where I live. We adventured in the woods and along the open fields and we even had a special guest pop in for a few photos, her dog Layla! Wait until you see how ADORABLE she is! Melt your heart, Guaranteed! Hayley has to be one of the sweetest people I had the pleasure to meet. Not only is she very smart and beautiful but she also shares a love for giving back and mission work. She just got back in the U.S. not long ago after her mission trip to Haiti. How awesome is that?! Lastly we drove to downtown science hill for a few shots around the old historic buildings. This part of the shoot was mostly filled with stories and acting goofy.. probably my favorite part just because I can start to notice that these people are not only my clients but are becoming my friends and I love having that bond with the people I work with. Hayley, you are gorgeous and it was a pleasure being able to be apart of your senior year! Can't wait for more of our adventures together!